I’ve begun to notice/love the similarities between the Atheist community and the LGBT community. I’ve always heard the “coming out” as an atheist, and chuckled at that. It’s just how obvious the association was, and how atheist didn’t care. “Yeah, we’re respectfully referencing gay culture and applying it to us… so?” I just read something about an “ally” (commonly referring to lgbt-supporting straight individuals) here used to define a religious person that supports secularism. And of course, they’re both minorities in America fighting Christians for their right to exist and be treated respectfully, both socially and politically.
These similarity have help me to identify so comfortable in both niches, and not feel like I have to forget I’m an atheist in gay-circles, or forget I’m gay in atheist-circles. We coexist so beautifully. Like a venn diagram. :)
Being a Feminist in secular male-dominated circles hasn’t been quite as easy, but I’ve found many friendly places for that, as well.